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Fire safety is our first priority. We offer a wide variety of fire suppression and fire protection products from Kidde Fire SystemsAmerex FireBadger Fire ProtectionAnsul Fire Protection, and Buckeye. We are also an authorized distributor of the Cold Fire product line, and are an authorized global dealer of Cold Fire ASB for military use. We provide free quotes and consultations for our existing and potential customers, as well as annual inspections for extinguishers, suppression systems, and other products to ensure that your fire safety products are up to code and always prepared. We have a highly skilled service team that will evaluate your needs, discuss your options, and work diligently to ensure your satisfaction. Let us provide you with fast, professional service at competitive prices. Our product line includes:

Fire Extinguishers and Suppression Systems


Hand Held Fire Extinguishers:


Manual and Automatic Kitchen Systems:


We are an Authorized Seller of:


Guardian III Residential Systems Feature:

  • Auto Fuel Shut-Off
  • Thermal Detection
  • Alarm Module
  • Remote Pull Option

The Guardian III Residential System in Action


We Offer the following Buckeye products:
Kitchen Master Fire Suppression Systems


We offer the following Badger products:
Range Guard Automatic Fire Sytems


Fire Extinguisher Training Services
The BullEx live fire I.T.S. Extreme system features SmartPropsTM  which simulate a realistic fire by varying the flame pattern electronically, and requires the trainees' proper use and technique of the SmartExtinguisher to put out the flame. Class A, B, and C fires may be simulated at four different difficulty levels to provide further challenge. This low cost, no-mess system allows more individuals to undergo training within a shortened period of time.

Our training sessions include:

  • Slide show and video presentation
  • Hands on fire extinguisher training
  • Certificates if requested
  • Awards given for "Best Time"

Please submit your requests to schedule training sessions at least two weeks in advance.

Remember PASS!

P - Pull the pin out
A - Aim Low
S - Squeeze the lever below
S - Sweep from side to side

If there is a small fire in your home or business, it's important to remember these easy steps to ensure it is put out quickly. Stand away from the fire. You should be at least 6-8 feet from the fire for your safety. Make sure to "PASS" the fire extinguisher. If the fire does not go out, call the fire department immediately.

Always remember, if a fire is too large to tackle, call emergency services and follow your emergency safety plan.

Call us at (205) 664-3473 or come in today and let us help you with your fire safety needs. We are an authorized distributor for Cold Fire products. Learn more here.


Emergency and Exit Lighting
We carry a variety of emergency and exit lighting fixtures at whole sale prices. You won't find lights of this quality at a better price. Below are just a few examples of the styles we have in stock. Please call for further information on available makes and models, and for pricing details.

universal emergency lights with 6V4A BatteryUniversal LED Combo Lights with 6V4A BatteryUniversal LED Combo Lights Nicad BatteryUniversal LED Combo Lights with 6V4A Battery


Hood Ventilation Accessories
We offer a full line of various sized hood vents in aluminum or stainless steel form.  Please visit our store to buy online or simply give us a call for more information regarding your need. We also offer exceptional degreaser products, light globes and bulbs for use with kitchen ventilation equipment.

Select a name brand below to view information on choosing a model right for you.

hood ventilation products and accessories at Blaising Fire and Water in Pelham, AL

        Flame Gard hood ventilation accessories at Blaising Fire and Water            Larkin kitchen ventilation products available at Blaising Fire and Water

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